ID-series forensic Vacuum Metal Deposition systems

ID-series forensic Vacuum Metal Deposition systems

Forensic coating systems

HHV’s new ID500 Ultra and ID750 Ultra forensic coating systems use the latest developments of the powerful Vacuum Metal Deposition (VMD) technique for the detection of fingermarks in forensic applications. ID500 Ultra is designed for smaller labs. ID750 is a full-size system designed for larger or national forensic labs.

Key features:

Large chamber

With large viewport and LED chamber lighting for excellent visibility of the VMD process.

Camera system

Optional camera system for viewing or recording of the process.

Large evidence holder

Enamelled evidence holder for use with magnetic or wire attachment of evidence.
ID500 Ultra holds sample sizes up to 76cm x 56cm.
ID750 Ultra holds sample sizes up to 120cm x 120cm.
Rotary drive option for cylindrical evidence

Metal evaporation

Three independent sets of metal evaporation sources. HHV ID-systems evaporate all metals used in Police case work or reported in research papers.

Touch-screen control

Full-size touch-screen PLC with provides a selection of deposition processes. VMD process is automatic or manual as required by the operator.
Password protection allows the writing or editing of recipes to be carried out by supervisory staff.

Data logging

USB port for data logging. Remote access module for diagnostics or upgrades (requires active internet connection).

Powerful vacuum system

Provides chamber pressures below 1x10-4mbar before VMD process start.

The VMD process

The Vacuum Metal Deposition (VMD) technique is a powerful process for detection of fingermarks in forensic applications. VMD was developed in the 1960s/70s by the UK Home Office and Edwards High Vacuum leading to the first Edwards Identicoat-series VMD systems from the 1970s onwards. The original UK Home Office specification for VMD systems for UK Police forces was written around that early work.

Support for existing systems

HHV has held the exclusive licence to build and supply the former Edwards VMD systems since 2008. HHV continues to provide support for existing Edwards and HHV ID500 and ID750 systems.