Auto500GB Glove Box Deposition System

Auto500GB Glove Box Deposition System

HHV Auto500GB deposition system for glove box integration

The Auto500GB is designed for integration into glove boxes which are used where oxygen or water vapour-intolerant electronic materials are to be coated. The system is fitted with a special chamber to allow straightforward integration into glove boxes from most major manufacturers. The chamber is fitted with a vertically-opening front door which allows access from the glove box, while a hinged rear door allows access for service without compromising the glove box atmosphere.

Source options include resistance, sputter and electron beam  plus a range of temperature-controlled effusion sources for the deposition of organic materials.

500mm tall x 500mm wide stainless steel box chambers with options for water cooling
Upward sliding front chamber door minimises intrusion into glove box space
Hinged rear door provides service access without disturbing glove box atmosphere
Single or multiple resistance sources, four position turret resistance source options
Straightforward integration template for ease of installation
Temperature-controlled effusion sources and controllers for organic materials
3kW multi-pocket electron beam source
DC and RF sputtering options
Static and rotary work holders
Source shutters and substrate shutters
Glow discharge cleaning options
Film thickness monitoring and control

Deposition of materials which are intolerant of atmospheric oxygen or water vapour
Research into organic electronic devices, OLED displays and OFETs
Organic solar device research
Thin film battery research

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