Auto306 Lab Coater

Auto306 Lab Coater

Versatility for the researcher and the electron microscopist

The HHV Auto306 is a versatile and compact coating system which has been developed to meet the demands of the researcher and electron microscopist.
With its full range of vacuum systems, chamber and modular process accessories the Auto306 offers a range of techniques to complement the modern laboratory.
Auto306 is available with glass bell jar and glass cylinder chamber options. Also available is the versatile FL400 front-loading box chamber which provides additional height and width for the fitting of extra process accessories.

Customers can specify from a wide range of modular process accessories which include thermal resistance sources and power supplies, the 3kW EB3 electron beam source, source shutters, work holders and film thickness monitors.

The vacuum system is controlled and monitored by a rugged PLC with touch screen for easy operation. Pumping options include diffusion, turbo and cryo pumps with oil-sealed or dry scroll backing pumps. An integrated high vacuum valve with backup battery protects pumps and samples.

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